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Chris Brown’s Musical Career

Chris Brown was born in Virginia in 1989 and from an early age, he would listen to his parents’ soul albums which eventually made him develop an interest in music. Owing to this, he began to perform in talent shows as well as in his church choir and from then on, there was no looking back.

A Budding Star

Having been influenced by renowned artists such as Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder from a tender age, Chris Brown was able to develop an enchanting voice by the age of 11.His mother particularly gave him a lot of support with regard to his singing and even made effort to take him to several producers in pursuit of a chance to record. At thirteen, Chris was finally able to land a recording deal with a small production company before he later moved to New York in search of a better opportunity.

Successful Career

Chris Brown is now not only famous for his amazing voice, but his unique and smooth dance moves as well .Even though much controversy surrounded him following an incident in which he assaulted Rihanna who was his girlfriend at the time, he has been able to overcome the issue and advance even further in his occupation. While all his albums have been well received by fans, among his most notable ones include ‘Exclusive ‘which was released in 2007, Graffiti(2009) and F.A.M.E(2011). ‘Forever’, ‘With You’, and ‘Kiss Kiss’ were among the top hits in the Exclusive album, while Graffiti spawned ‘I Can Transform Ya’. F.A.M.E included ‘Look at Me Now’ among other singles and the album was so much loved that it enabled him to bag an award at the Grammy’s—the first of its kind he had ever won.

Brown’s has been an influential personality in the music industry for over a decade now and based on his recent tours and releases, it is unquestionable that his career is far from over. So, the only thing his fans can do is relax and wait to be amazed by even more absorbing hits from this charming, Grammy award winning performer. There is also a Chris Brown tour scheduled for 2015 that promises to be one to remember!


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